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Joshua Martens

I am a product designer with 15+ years experience designing software. Currently, I am a managing partner at, head of design at Stretch, and building a stealth fintech app with Erik Kjell. Previously, I was at Hagerty (NYSE: HGTY) working on Labs and Marketplace. Before that I was head of design at Tomorrow, whose award-winning iPhone app was acquired by Ethos in 2022 after a $100M investment by SoftBank. I am an American based in Barcelona and have lived throughout Europe for 10+ years.

A portrait of Kelley Marsh
If you want carefully crafted moments of delight, get Joshua.
Kelley Marsh - Sr. Product Manager, Hagerty
A portrait of Nick Boes
"Joshua is charismatic, bold, creative, inspiring, and studious."
Nick Boes - Principal Product Designer, SigFig
A portrait of Sarath Manuel
Joshua is an enthusiastic creator with clever and detailed solutions.
Managing Partner
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A venture studio helping early-stage startups.

Josh helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Thomas Kranzle - Owner,
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Head of Design

Served millions. Acquired by Ethos.

An absolute pleasure to work with. Josh took our product up a notch.
Erik Kjell - Co-founder,
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